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If you're interested in performing a search into someone's background, there are a few things you can probably find out on your own, but most good record databases are just not accessible to an individual searcher.

Fortunately, there are several good background search services available that, for a small fee, will help you — See our top three affordable services

If you wanted to conduct an entirely free background check on your own, you could visit online white pages, search for names through the big search engines, contact mutual associations or friends, join and browse social networks such as Facebook, and check public record databases such as the sex offender registries and state government public records.

Background report informationThere are several problems people encounter when they try to do a search on their own. First, it's very time consuming and the process can stretch into many weeks. Second, it's easy to get the wrong information from a source. And third, even though government records are considered "public" records, gaining access to the right records is not usually simple or easy.

Almost all individuals and companies use a search service to access these records and organize a background screening operation. Search services have access to the legal system and government public records of your state. They often have contracts with government departments and courts to get direct access.

Background search companies also contract with private companies in order to have access to some of their private records.

Public record searches typically find information such as:
• Criminal records
• Real estate property records
• Sex offender registration files
• Professional and business licenses
• Census data
• Social media data
• Driver's license records
• Prison records
• Civil courts and judgments history
• Address history
• Phone number
• Aliases
• Birth, death and marriage records
• Relatives, neighbors and associates
• Bankruptcies and tax liens

Companies such as US Search access the public record information from all the sources available on an individual and compile that data into one comprehensive report.

Or if you're just looking for someone — a family member, lost love, classmate or colleague — they can help with that too by providing the most up-to-date address and telephone information available.
Find out more about US Search.

Another top background firm is eVerify. They offer instant and unlimited lookup tools. They have a really large list of available searche formats and records to search through.

One of the most valuable services of is that they will find aliases or other names used by an individual. People will often change their name or go by a different name if their original name is linked to bad events or behavior. eVerify can provide the names used by the person in question so that you can learn more about them. Find out more about eVerify.


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eVerify can produce a screening report for you

eVerify is a good choice for affordable screening services for individuals.

Intelius is another strong option and might be the right choice for an employer or landlord.

Access to public records at the federal level in the United States is guided by the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). In addition, every state has its own version of FOIA.

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